Jake Vossler | Danny Walker

Thornlord was founded in the fall of 2001 by multi-instrumentalist Jake Vossler and drummer extraordinaire, Danny Walker. Meeting through mutual friends in the local death metal scene of Southern California, the two musicians found instant common ground in the desire to push and evolve this art form and expand the musical vocabulary, while still staying true to the tradition of pure brutality. Vossler had been composing tunes with this idea in mind, using a drum machine to realize them in recordings, but it took Walkers brilliance on a live drumset to make them come to life.

Once a set had been established, long time friends and fellow musicians Arch Priest Blackstorm (vocals), Tony Hager (bass), and Martin Ayala (2nd guitar) were recruited to fill out the band and perform--punishing the local scene with a fresh and inimitable sound and character with every show.

Demos were spread across the world by Walker on his various tours with other outstanding bands he was touring with, while Vossler was studying and performing relentlessly at California Institute of the Arts for his BFA in guitar performance. Thornlord performed whenever possible, dictated by the founding members busy schedules.

By 2004, Blackstorm, Hager, and Ayala were no longer performing with Thornlord due to different personal matters. Vossler was always writing for the band however, and eventually found himself with two band members and two albums of some of the best Death Metal ever written on the back burner. Having already taken over the vocal duties previous to the bands entire reduction, the choice for the next step was simple.

In February of 2007 Vossler and Walker recorded a selection of material in less than one week in Vossler's hometown. Walker playing drums, Vossler performing all guitars, bass, and vocals. This will be the official Thornlord debut and serve as a new step in the tradition of Death Metal.